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Stellar is a multi media platform that combines sophisticated motion picture and artistic photography to convey the most compelling stories and adventures possible. While focusing on quality media production with the highest standards of production value, the Stellar team also prides itself the ability to move swiftly and efficiently in remote locations to capture action, scenics, and lifestyle imagery. Collaboration is a critical component to Stellar Media’s success. Whether it be on the rugged peaks that dot our planet or behind the computer screen where the rubber meets the road, it’s an incredible logistical challenge to capture and share the supernatural moments that we strive for. It takes a strong team of dedicated and like minded individuals working in unison towards the same goal. This collection of professionals has organically come together including some of the hardest working and most talented people both in front of and behind the lens.

Yancy Caldwell has devoted his life to the ever changing intricacies of motion media production.  From flying drones over the infamous Hagia Sofia in Istanbul to calling the shots in the high stakes scenarios of Alaska heli-skiing he is known for his calm and calculated demeanor in high pressure productions.  His great attention to detail and shoot-to-edit mind set shine both on set and in the editing room.  When not consumed by camera related collaborations you can find him living large in his hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho or wherever the most intriguing adventure has arisen.  


Spencer Cordovano has been fortunate enough to travel the world. His degree of gratitude extends to the point of which filming is his communication. Spencer has been behind the camera since a fortunate family Christmas in 1999. After earning a cum laude degree in Environmental Science and Ecology, the entrepreneurship minor of videography took over. Filming is his passion. 


Wyatt Caldwell Family camping trips as a youngster fuel Wyatt’s passion for outdoor adventures. Exploring Idaho’s backcountry with his brother Yancy instilled a contagious curiosity to peak over that next ridge in search of a rewarding view. After 20 years traveling the globe as a professional snowboard athlete in front of the camera’s lens, Wyatt has developed a keen and filtered eye for unique stories and original experiences. Soaking up “tricks of the trade” from the ski and snowboard industry’s best camera operator’s, Wyatt honed in his own camera skills and continues to work and play in the mountains for a wide variety of Stellar Media clients. Specializing in remote location photography and cinematography, Wyatt has the physical ability, knowledge, and positive attitude to get the shot no matter what the trail up or down looks like, or how hard it’s snowing and blowing. Certified in Wilderness First Aid, Avalanche 2, FCC radio operation, and over 20 years of backcountry experience, Wyatt is a jack-of- all-trades in any given happenstance.


Chase Cleveland specializes in remote location videography, digital editing, and U.A.S. (unmanned aircraft system) flight operation. With a BS degree in MIS (management information systems) and an affinity for RC systems, aerial cinematography became second nature.  With three decades of outdoor experience and as an outdoor spokesman, Chase prides himself on filming off the beaten path.  As a pilot he specializes in out-of-sight flying, remote location operation, and scene safety.  


Reggie Crist: Whether exploring deep into the Idaho backcountry, standing on top of a first descent in Alaska, or migrating to the Southern Hemisphere to chase snow in Chile or Argentina, Reggie is often first on scene and first in the heli when the sky cracks blue. His conditional awareness is no fluke, as his knowledge has been gleaned from over two decades of skiing big, bold, and aesthetic lines in the most dramatic mountain venues.

Nicknamed “Robert REG-ford,” for his photographic and directing skills after a bout in Olympics and 2 X games gold medals Reg acts as lead guide for Stellar Media’s Alaska Production. 

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 "Stellar are some of my go-to-guys for assignments and commercial video productions around the world. They bring a consistently positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm to every project we've done with them and I know we can depend on the boys at Stellar to deliver a quality shoot and edit no matter what. I've been especially impressed with their ability in adverse or difficult conditions that send many other crews reaching for excuses." 

- Cody Doucette Ambassador Team Manager Matador Network

"Origin Design and Communications has worked with Stellar on multiple projects and it has been a pleasure working closely with them. Their preparation and ability to communicate with our team has been instrumental in the success of our projects. They are a hardworking, positive duo with a keen eye and we look forward to continued work with them."

-Jeff Thomas Director of Video Production Origin Design and Communications